The SECS VPN (virtual private network) at remote.secs.oakland.edu allows you to "log in" to the SECS network.

It is highly recommended that you watch our VPN YouTube video if this is your first time connecting.

What is a VPN?

The VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to access SECS network resources from outside the OU network. Connecting to the VPN is equivalent to stringing a long cable from your home to Oakland University's SECS network. This allows for software to be used without licensing conflicts as well as restricts the off campus use of resources to only Oakland students and faculty.


While we make our best effort to provide remote access services to SECS users, by the very nature of remote access it is inherently unreliable. In addition we have a 50 concurrent user cap that may be reached during peak usage time. Our stated goal is to achieve 98% availability. Also while we will provide a troubleshooting guide and basic troubleshooting help through our issue tracking system, it is the end user's responsibility to get the vpn working on their own machine.

The following is a helpful list of what is available on and off campus. Services with asterisks mean a SECS VPN connection is required to access them from off site.

Accessible from off campus with SECS VPN

Not accessible from off campus

Access to a faculty members PC is available through the University VPN (not SECS) by request only. Form is available from https://forms.oakland.edu/


There are two methods for connecting to the VPN, the client method and the web browser method. The Client is more reliable than the web browser method because of possible java plugin conflicts. On the other hand, the web method is easier to set up, and has a userful portal. Both have strong points, and both are readily available for use by SECS students and faculty.

Client method

For Windows 10 installation guide see the pdf or html installation guide.

Download Links:

Please keep in mind there is very limited support for Linux users at this time.

During the setup:

  1. Click next

  2. Enter remote.secs.oakland.edu and click next

screen 1 

  1. Confirm SECS is the login group and click next


  1. Click Finish

  2. Log in with your SECS username and password


  1. You will now see an Aventail icon on your task bar


Web Browser Access Method

The SSL is web based. That means all you need to do to access the VPN is login with your SECS account to the website remote.secs.oakland.edu. After you press "log in" follow the prompts to run and install the VPN client software. Once the install is completed you should see "Acess: Full Network Access" on the top bar. As long as you leave the browser open, you will be connected to the SECS network. In addition to providing tunnel network access, the VPN website also provides an easy way to download and upload to your SECS network drive.


See the official User Guide Documentation

First follow the steps in the troubleshooting section of the above document and then attach your log file as described in the linked document and times you are available for us to attempt to remotely troubleshoot your problem to secs@oakland.edu.